Scimitar, Long Sword, Hatchet

Sword Edit

- Long Sword : Made for novice sword fighters.  Has a good balance of damage and attack speed.

- Steel Sword : A wicked blade of cold steel, durable and razor sharp.

- Noble Sword : An expertly crafted sword and a symbol of nobility.

- Sword of Apollo : It is said that this gift from Apollo grants its user heroic powers.

- Cursed Sword : A cursed sword that inflicts cruel wounds, but causes its owner to feel the suffering of those slain by it.

- Blood Reaper : A sinister sword that drinks the blood of its victims.  Only those who are capable of controlling powerful magic can wield it without being drained themselves.

- Sword of Legend : A fearsome blade forged for the heroes of legend, capable of splitting stone without losing its edge.

- Sword of Destiny : A family heirloom, passed down through generations of heroes.  Though it is quite old, it has not lost its edge.

- Sword of Chaos : Forged in the depths of the Abyss, it swirls with chaotic forces that rend flesh.

- Red Dragon Sword : The dwarven thief who stole it from the Great Red Dragon was burned to cinders as he unsheathed it.

- Storm Seeker : Left behind by divine beings, it hums with power.

- Holy Sword : This blade glows with a pale, unearthly light.  Only the pure of heart may wield it.  It can banish evil spirits.

- Archangel's Blade : Archangels arm themselves with these glowing swords to hunt devils.  Only true champions of justice can carry these rare and beautiful blades.

- The Yitian Sword : Chinese emperor's sword.  The owner feels the confidence to rule a nation, and the courage to face all enemies.

Axe Edit

- Hatchet : Used by warriors who battle large, armored enemies.  Its heavy weight reduces its attack speed.

- Steel Axe : A solid steel axe that can only be lifted by powerful warriors.

- Axe of Orc : Mountain Orcs carry this type of axe.  The strongest can split an armored man in half with a single chop.

- Skull Cleaver : Chakka the Barbarian kept this axe with him at all times, and drew strength from its magic.

- Great Axe : Only the most powerful warriors can use this axe.  In the right hands, it can chop through all defenses.

- Sundering Axe : Can hack through shields, gates, or stone walls without breaking.

- Vanguard Axe : The spirits deliver this weapon to those who constantly fight for the good of all and lead the way through danger.

- Decapitator : This executioner's axe claimed the lives of many who opposed Chief Hojo, until one day, Hojo himself was beheaded by it.

- Astral Axe : An agent of Chaos once used this weapon to attack the link between the divine and the mortal realm.  A sacred bird snatched it from its tentacles, then plunged into the Abyss.  The bird merged with the weapon to dull its edge.

- Hama's Axe : Hama crafted this Axe from the remains of an abyssal devil, but tempered it with Light.  Whenever a devil of the abyss rises, the axe grows in power.  It can cut through a devil's magical defenses.

- Black Axe : Created by the great Black Dragon Vermithrax from his own tooth, this weapon grants its user great strength and protection from magical attack.

- Dragon Slayer : A team of dragon hunters created this axe after many years of studying their prey.  They combined materials, magic, and designs optimized to harm dragons.  Unfortunately, the manual required to properly use the axe has been lost.

- Ice Wedge : The dwarf who stole the fabled Ice Dragon Jewel asked his comrade to make it into an axe.  He discovered that it made a fine weapon during a surprise attack by orcs who coveted the jewel.  The Ice Wedge can freeze enemies it strikes.

Blade Edit

- Scimitar : rangers and assassins prefer this light, curved blade over heavier swords.  It deals less damage, but allows for quicker attack speed.

- Yataghan : Crafted by desert nomads, this falchion has a faster attack speed and deals greater damage.

- Cutlass : A pirate's weapon of choice.  A deadly close combat weapon strong enough to cut through armor.

- Shredder : An exotic blade, with hooks and spring-loaded switches used to perform deadly tricks in skilled hands.

- Riptide Falchion : Rumored to be the work of Poseidon.  Though its magic fades while away from his watery domain, all who respect the sea find that the blade brings them strength in times of need.

- Doombringer : Countless nature spirits were destroyed by this blade during the War of the Gods.  Doombringer's power grew, and it threatened to cut through the fabric of existence.  A kindly druid stole the weapon and devoted himself to bringing balance to its magic, thus averting the end of the world.

- Runeblade : When an archmage senses that their powers are fading, they create special Runeblades.  Each rune they carve into the blade contains a portion of their magic.  Those who know the secret symbols can summon great power in combat.

- Revenant's Blade : Yuri was a ranger and a skilled blacksmith who fought in the Demon Wars.  Yuri ordered his men to attack the demons, but they stabbed him in the back and fled.  That night, Yuri's falchion animated his corpse and killed all the traitors.

- Impaler : This blade gains power as it drinks blood.  A chief became possessed by its bloodlust, and used its power to conquer all the surrounding tribes.  Thinking himself invincible, he was lured into an ambush and killed by goblin archers.

- Acid Fang : Made from a wyvern's fangs, this curved blade is extremely hard, and oozes a corrosive toxin that can burn through metal.  Requires a glass-lined sheath.

- Soul Reaver : This blade contains the trapped souls of an evil wizard who sacrificed his family and his own flesh in an unholy ritual to become an undead lich.  It is said that the Soul Reaver falchion imprisons the life energies of any slain foe, preventing any chance of resurrection.

- Devil's Falchion : This blade cuts through multiple planes of existence to slay divine beings.  It is believed to be a creation of the most ancient immortals, a gift for humans to liberate themselves from divine control…  when they are ready.

- Star Prism : A shimmering falchion that emits blinding flashes of light to banish evil spirits.