Character Stats

Name: At the beginning of the game, you will be prompted to enter your name. It goes here. Default name is Aaron.

Level = Current Level

Hit Point = Health

Skill Point = Mana

Armor = Innate defense. Not affected by equipment.

Magic Resist: Percent chance to completely ignore an attack with elemental properties (fire, ice, poison and/or thunder). Can only be increased by adding magic resistance ability to Armor items. (Helmet, Gloves, Armor, Shield, Boots)

Experience: Current/Needed to level up.

Points Remaining: Every level, you'll receive 5 points to distribute among Strength, Agility, Constitution and Luck.

Strength - Each point adds 5 pounds of carry weight, and 1 point of minimum damage and 2 points of maximum damage.

Damage - Expressed in minimum to maximum damage. Base is 30-30, and +2 with every level. Weapons also have these numbers, which are added here. So a level 2 character with 5 strength and a Lv. 1 Sword (108-118) deals 145-160 damage.

Agility - Each point adds 1 point to armor, every 15 points adds +1% chance to block.

Defense - Estimate of how much damage is prevented by your armor. Base is 25, and +2 with every level. Increases with defensive equipment.

Shield Block - Percent chance to block with an equipped shield, plus any extra granted by Agility.

Constitution - Each point adds 10 HP and 8 SP.

Health/Mana - Determines how much damage you can take before dying, and how many spells you can cast before needing a mana potion. Base is 500/161, and +45/+14 every level.

Luck - Affects item drops. Every 10 points adds +1% chance to critical hit.

Fun fact: for every item chest to be golden quality, you need 10,000 Luck.

Critical Hit - Percent chance to deal extreme damage to an enemy on attack.

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