Elf Poem Quest:

Simply combine a Stone of Blessing with all small crystal types apart from the wind crystal (fire, earth, water). It will give you a large Diamond Angel Tears potion.


  • Chapter I - Carrying the key to the dungeon, our hero returned to Arcuz, eager to greet old friends...
  • Chapter II - Great evil lurks in the dungeon... Gather your courage and ready your weapon!
  • Chapter III - The first Guardian grows near... Are you ready for it?
  • Chapter IV - They still sing of our day when we stood against the Dark. Old friends a century gone I join your grandchildren as we take a stand once more... -Celest
  • Chapter V - Man in black reaching for the devil... Where you will run the hunters are on trail... Will they catch you in time
  • Chapter VI - Brave Paul... You are not to blame. Dont (they forgot the ') heed the call to die of shame...
  • Chapter VII - When all seems hopeless a hero rises. Will he succed(I think they meant succeed)... or will evil reign
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