The Minotaur is the first Boss in Arcuz 2 and is found on Dungeon 7 and can only be accesed by using the Fire Yooseki obtained from the Elf. It is recomended you are at least level 20 before attempting to defeat him.

In order to defeat him, you will need the Charge Slash Skill Tier 2. To also help defeat him, get back stab or fire elemental. The prior will do continuous and consistent damage to the Minotaur and his amour while the later will do humoungous damage and break the whole armour bar if landed properly. Combining both these skills will make defeating the minotaur extremely easy. However, some precautions must be made. A potion of Magic Defense will reduce damage from fire balls from his rage mode to a minimum (Rage Mode occurs when the Minotaur is at 1/4 health and will initiate more powerful attacks). Keep 2 potions of magic defense because at 1/8 health he goes into a much more difficult rage with a lot more fireballs. Diamond Angel Tears will also increase your stats and usually revive you if you happen to die.